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    Embracing the Crone, Becoming the Elder of Your Tribe
Food Preparation

About Our Center

Wish you could find products, services and foods that have no hidden ingredients, that also improve your health, and quality of life? Want to feel better, be stronger, have more clarity and focus in life? Need ideas on how to build your respiratory tract and protect against the current pandemic? Looking to build a stronger you with faster recovery time, more pure protein and fiber with no added preservatives, no secret chemical ingredients? We can help. 

    You deserve personal care products like: facial, skin protection, hair strengthening, lip moisturizing, topical skin butter for wounds and blemishes that helps protect both inside and out that is purely nourishing. 

      These products and services were developed by a mom that had to deal with developmental disabilities, trauma, allergies, and improved the quality of life for her own, and other, families. Now she is opening her kitchen, and home, to you.

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