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Our Story

The Water's Edge Retreat Center and Blessed Plate has been the lifelong study of herbalist and natural health consultant, Rochelle Long. An intuitive from a young age, Rochelle was always interested in how people and animals get better. This was the beginning of a long and fruitful road towards understanding the true cause of disease- frequencies that enter the body, whether from our thoughts/emotions or the things we put into it (food, liquids, drugs, supplements) on a daily basis. Over time, and doing years of work with people all over the world, she returned time and again to the empowerment offered by studying the universal truths of the bible, and how to pray with authority through faith. Dealing with Asperger's while also raising children with various disabilities forced Rochelle to lean more and more on prayer for the answer to health, which led her to study how foods and supplements heal. 

    The end result was the need for two, complementary components - preparing wholesome, handmade holistic products and foods to take the guesswork out of healing and also offering workshops and retreats for those feeling without purpose in life, or unable to find health for themselves.

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