Tired of being alone, confused, with no direction? It's time to sit in the North

Do you ever wonder why our American society has so many issues with health, poverty, finances, and integrity? We, as a whole, have lost our culture, the knowledge of our bloodlines that connect us, and the spiritual teachings that give us a morality compass and help us find our path and purpose in life. Our roots have been damaged, or cut all the way through in some of the areas of our life that require a solid connection to the earth, as well as the heavens, to function in our best capacity. The rites of passage that make us men and women have been locked away, forgotten, or were never taught when people came to this new place to start over. There was a great deal of shame in being seen as different, or in identifying with your culture once you either immigrated to America, or tried to assimilate into American lifestyle instead of staying within your own culture's belief system.

The vision quests, sweat lodges, teachings, trials, and day to day activities that bonded us to those in our tribe or village, and honed our skills for the challenges of the future are often non-existent, if not very difficult to find. As a result, young adults are not prepared for the hard work, problem solving of daily challenges, along with a lack of mental strength, and their minds remain underdeveloped as they move into the adult world, sitting child-like in the south. There is a lack of wisdom, an inability to maintain, and the spirit is starved for assistance and knowledge to function with faith, hope and trust. Too many of us are sitting in the South, and are stuck in childhood issues, trauma, unforgiven abuse, and a lack of coping skills for the often vicious world we live in. It is time to find wisdom, safety, clarity, and prosperity by sitting in the North with an elder.

Kenneth Meadows did an excellent job of sharing the teachings of the medicine wheel, which many Native American tribes have used for centuries to get healing, teaching and clarity. It creates a way to focus and get answers from Wakan Tanka, or Great Mystery, the YHWY. He spent a great deal of time with Sun Bear, who was also one of my metis teacher's mentor. There is great wisdom in looking to the North and the teachings therein to help solve the struggles of today's millennials, as well as those with chronic childhood abuse.

This implies that one looks towards heaven, to the elders, and to YHWY, embodied in the symbol of the white bison of wisdom.

Leviticus mentions killing northward on the altar as the correct way to perform sacrifices in the Old Testament. In Psalms 75, it is declared that Salvation comes not from the south, east or west. In Job it is written that the heaven hangs on nothing and is stretched out over the North. Psalms 48 also mentions "the joy of the whole earth, Zion, sitting on the sides of the North, the city of the great King". With the coming of the birth of Christ a star appeared in the North, and has been since used as a directional foundation for those all over the world.

Here is a place to find unconditional love, support and healthy ways to move forward in life. Let's sit in the North together!

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